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Preparing For New Chicks

We strongly recommend preparing a brooding area for your chicks before they arrive (watch brooder video). Your new chicks will require a temperature of 90 to 95 degrees upon arrival, which can be reduced approximately 5 degrees each week for the first 5 weeks or their lives. After 5 weeks, your chicks will not require supplemental heat unless ambient temperatures are close to freezing or below. A thermometer is recommended in the brooding area, but monitoring¬†your chicks’ behavior will help you better understand their heating requirements. Chicks that crowd tightly and pile on each other may be too cold, while chicks that avoid the heated area may be too warm. Use pine shavings, paper towels, or DACB Drop Pan Paper to line the brooder floor. DO NOT USE CEDAR SHAVINGS; cedar is toxic to chickens.¬†In addition to a warm brooding area, your chicks will require room temperature water served in a drown-proof chick waterer immediately upon arrival. We also recommend offering your chicks Gro-Gel, a rehydration gel for chicks that will help get your chicks off to a great start. Once your chicks are drinking and/or have consumed the Gro-Gel, offer them feed in the form of chick starter.

For more information on caring for your new baby chicks please visit www.chickensforbackyards.com

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